The Leavers Coulson Trust

The Leavers Coulson Trust makes grants to disadvantaged children and young people aged between 7 and 19 enabling them to participate in Christian residential outdoor activities.


The young people must be taking part in the holiday as part of a group as grants are not given for individual holidays. Applications are normally made by youth leaders and should also include other sources of funding.


Trustees look for a clear indication of social deprivation coupled with financial need. The trustees would also expect that the young people would have contact with a supportive Christian youth group in their home situation.

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About Us:

The Graham Leavers Trust has given grants to disadvantaged young people since 1979. In 2001 the Philip Coulson Memorial Fund joined with us and together we have now given grants totalling over £80,000 to help 1795 children and young people between the ages of 7 and 19. In 2012, the Trust changed its name to the Leavers Coulson Trust and is looking forward to the future with confidence. We would like to tell you more about exactly what we do, so please read on……


We are a Christian organisation and know from experience, how priceless it can be for young people to spend time at a Christian activity centre or residential event. In a fresh environment, they are free to take on the challenge of new opportunities such as rock climbing, archery, or canoeing and to develop teamwork skills, too. And, whilst seeing the practical expression of God’s love shown by centre staff, there is time for them to hear something more about Jesus and the love he has for them.


The Leavers Coulson Trust receives referrals from Christian leaders, who often serve in challenging communities where drugs, anti-social behaviour, violence and crime are common. For families in poverty, it is especially difficult and often problems arise because parentsn face challenges of their own as they struggle to provide for their children - so they very much appreciate the help that our trust can give. In addition they benefit from the respite and the change that they see in their son or daughter.








Chairman: Don McLaren


David Hillyer


Mike Coulson


Alasdaire Duerden

Tim Lovejoy

Pete King


Linda Peake Non-Trustee Secretary