The Leavers Coulson Trust

The Leavers Coulson Trust makes grants to disadvantaged children and young people aged between 7 and 19 enabling them to participate in Christian residential outdoor activities.


The young people must be taking part in the holiday as part of a group as grants are not given for individual holidays. Applications are normally made by youth leaders and should also include other sources of funding.


Trustees look for a clear indication of social deprivation coupled with financial need. The trustees would also expect that the young people would have contact with a supportive Christian youth group in their home situation.

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To submit a grant application please complete the form (link at the bottom of this page).


The application form will assist the Trustees to make an informed decision.



Please note that grants are only given to UK residents for activities in the UK.


If you are requesting support for a number of young people, all going to the same centre there is no need to repeat

parts 1 & 2, simply photocopy part 3 as required.


  • Please write clearly in black ink.
  • Please include clear information for each applicant , giving as much evidence as possible about their social and financial needs.
  • Grants are given for individuals - we do not give to general group applications.
  • Applications are not accepted from family members.
  • The information provided will only be used to assess suitability for a LCT grant.
  • Please return this three part application form to Mrs Linda Peake, do allow time for a decision prior to the event.
  • If a grant is agreed the payment is made after the event, upon receipt of a brief report to confirm attendance and giving some feedback.
  • Please let us have your report within 4 weeks of the event.


Download the Application Form below by clicking on the button below and then in the top right corner of your screen hit print or download. For best results we recommend using Adobe Acrobat.

Download Application Form