The Leavers Coulson Trust

The Leavers Coulson Trust makes grants to disadvantaged children and young people aged between 7 and 19 enabling them to participate in Christian residential outdoor activities.


The young people must be taking part in the holiday as part of a group as grants are not given for individual holidays. Applications are normally made by youth leaders and should also include other sources of funding.


Trustees look for a clear indication of social deprivation coupled with financial need. The trustees would also expect that the young people would have contact with a supportive Christian youth group in their home situation.

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Here are some extracts from applications that will give you a flavour of the real challenges that some families face.Names have been changed to protect identities.

“Mark (aged 9) is from a low income family with some addiction issues, he usually stays with his grandmother.”


“Sheila (age 11) lives with her six siblings and Mum is disabled so she often takes on the mother role.”

"Darren's parents live with new partners and both have serious drug and drink problems so Darren and his two brothers live with their elderly grandmother.”

“Joe comes from a family where ”stepfathers” are always changing and his handicapped sibling takes most of Mum’s attention, camp will give him the chance to have one–to-one attention of youth workers.”

“ Rachel's mum is a drug addict and is dating a 19 year old man which has brought some additional tensions into the family.”