Changing Lives

The Leavers Coulson Trust

The Leavers Coulson Trust makes grants to disadvantaged children and young people aged between 7 and 19 enabling them to participate in Christian residential outdoor activities.


The young people must be taking part in the holiday as part of a group as grants are not given for individual holidays. Applications are normally made by youth leaders and should also include other sources of funding.


Trustees look for a clear indication of social deprivation coupled with financial need. The trustees would also expect that the young people would have contact with a supportive Christian youth group in their home situation.

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Changing Lives

After the children and young people return from their residential adventure activity, we receive reports about what they did and how it went and the difference it has made.



As a trust, we prayerfully, hope that this might be the beginning of a life changing time for these children and young people. Here are some anonymised extracts from some recently received reports:

"The holiday was really beneficial as Zoe is a carer for her mother who was in respite care that week."

"Ian loved the weekend as he had never been camping before; he has suffered badly from the chaos in the family."

"Jack's transformation since the weekend has been mind blowing!"

"It has brought me closer to God and also closer to my friend. It has spoke to me and got me on fire for God and I want to bring others to get to know him."










Here are a few quotes from the youth workers running the Christian holidays:

























Reports like these give us great encouragement, reminding us that God is able to work through quiet personal contacts which are frequently only possible away from the home and in the sort of atmosphere provided by Christian residential activity centres.


Youth and children's workers give many hours of patient caring and also maintain contact after the holiday adventure is over, in many cases with the whole family. We know that the Leavers Coulson Trust grants are a huge encouragement.


The average individual grant is around £65 per person and the feedback we receive shows how much difference such a relatively small amount of money can make in a young person's life.

"We had some serious talks with Nick, his parents abandoned him. It was all good steps on his journey."

"Craig, one of the young people, gave his life to Jesus after 2 years of attending the group and he asked to talk about it in church."

"Chris, who has anger management problems said he loved the worship music because it made him feel peaceful."

"Mick, has behaviour problems and is very volatile but at camp there were no issues and he enthusiastically joined in everything."