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The Leavers Coulson Trust

The Leavers Coulson Trust makes grants to disadvantaged children and young people aged between 7 and 19 enabling them to participate in Christian residential outdoor activities.


The young people must be taking part in the holiday as part of a group as grants are not given for individual holidays. Applications are normally made by youth leaders and should also include other sources of funding.


Trustees look for a clear indication of social deprivation coupled with financial need. The trustees would also expect that the young people would have contact with a supportive Christian youth group in their home situation.

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Supporting Us


For individuals and grant making trusts alike there are a great many pressures on our finances these days and funds are not plentiful.


May we then, ask you to prayerfully consider whether you could like to help a child or young person today with a gift to the Leavers Coulson Trust?


Since the trust started over 1500 children and young people have been helped by our supporters and we very much hope that thousands more will benefit in the same way in the future.


Please also pray for the Youth Workers who have a demanding task, often involving unsocial hours of work and frequent challenges. Pray also for the staff of Christian activity centres; support them as they care for those entrusted to them.


Be assured that almost all of the trust’s income goes to provide grants. A separate funding stream covers all of our admin costs, there are no paid staff and trustees do not claim personal expenses. This means that all other donations can be used in full for grants for children and young people.


Please send a donation to Mrs Linda Peake at 1 Hall Close, Henham, CM22 6AU or contact her by email if you have any queries. Do please encourage youth leaders to apply if they have any disadvantaged youngsters needing help for a break from home stresses; certain criteria have to be met but these are not onerous.



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