Here are some extracts from applications that will give you a flavour of the real challenges that some families face.
(Names have been changed to protect identities)

  • Mark (aged 9) is from a low income family with some addiction issues, he usually stays with his grandmother.

  • Maya (age 11) lives with her six siblings and mum is disabled so she often takes on the mother role.

  • Darren’s parents live with new partners and both have serious drug and drink problems so Darren and his two brothers live with their elderly grandmother.

  • Codie comes from a family where ”stepfathers” are always changing and his disabled sibling takes most of mum’s attention, camp will give him the chance to have one–to-one attention with the youth workers.

  • Rachel’s mum is a drug addict and is dating a 19 year old man which has brought some additional tensions into the family.

  • Hannah (15) comes from a single parent family, her mum is studying to be a teacher in order to better provide for her family. She gets the bus on her own every week to get to church.