Changing lives

After the children and young people return from their residential event, we receive reports about what they did, how it went and the difference it has made. Here are some anonymised extracts from recently received reports showing just how life-changing it can be for them:

“It has brought me closer to God and also closer to my friend. It has spoken to me and got me on fire for God and I want to bring others to get to know him.”

“Shania was baptised last Sunday … the grant gave her the opportunity to attend. She cited that as having had an impact on her faith journey in her testimony. Thank you for all you do to enable God to move in the lives of young people who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to hear.”

“They attended gathered worship together in the morning and evenings and then in the afternoon some went to make use of the recreational facilities, sports, skating, gaming etc.”

“As a group they took the ministry time seriously and it was a pleasure to see them pray for one another and be vulnerable enough to admit needing prayer in the first place. Some encountered the Holy Spirit for the first time.”

“Attending seemed to concrete their faith experience. Watching them move through the week and grow in their confidence in worship, freeing themselves from their own expectations and responding to God was awesome. It is one thing to pray quietly to yourself it is entirely different to stand next to a stranger and offer to pray out loud for them.”

“One of the boys made a cup of tea for the first time whilst some had never been camping, set up a tent, wash up together etc. all impacted and deepened their relationships with each other as well as God. Many memories were created and I am excited to see how the next stage of their discipleship unfolds.”

“The sheer amount of time this opportunity gifted them together in the wild was so needed. They have formed a WhatsApp social media group and are having a go at reading the New Testament in a year together.”

“Thank you for your support in this matter, one mum cried when I told her about your support.”