Grant application

LCT makes grants to disadvantaged children and young people aged between 7 and 19 to enable them to participate in Christian residential events. Trustees look for:

  1. a clear indication of social deprivation
  2. clear evidence of financial need
  3. where possible, a supportive Christian youth group in the home situation

The more information you can give us, particularly in these 3 areas, will help the application.

Things to know

  • If you are requesting support for a number of people all going to the same event there is no need to repeat parts 1 & 2, simply complete part 3 for each person.
  • The information provided will only be used to assess suitability for LCT grants(see Privacy Statement published on website).
  • Please submit the application at least 4 weeks before the event
  • If a grant is agreed, the payment is made after the event upon receipt of a brief report to confirm attendance and giving some feedback.
  • It is the aim of the charity to give a response within four weeks of receipt of the application.
Grant Application


LCT rarely supports an application made in full. We recommend that you find other sources of funding. Eg. the church, local grant making trusts, activity centre or event bursary support, fundraising activities, etc.
I confirm that I have the permission of the named child/young person and also the person listed to speak in support of the application (Reference), to share their data.
I confirm that the child/young person is not part of my family.

Details of the Christian Residential Event


Trustees may wish to speak to someone who can support this application. Please give details of such a person.

Part 3
Details of the child/young person

Does one or more parent/carer work in paid employment?
Does the child/young person receive Free School Meals?
Does one or more parent/carer receive any of the following?
Unemployment Benefits
Universal Credit because of
Does he/she have any connection with a church?

Financial details