Support us

Helping children and young people to experience a potentially life-changing residential event is simple and easy. There are several ways you can do this:-

  • By praying for the youth leaders who have a demanding task, often involving unsocial hours of work and frequent challenges
  • By praying also for the staff of the residential events, to support them as they care for those entrusted to them
  • By making a one-off gift via our online donation page 
  • By setting up a regular gift to help fund our work 
  • Through holding a fundraising event or activity, where your friends, family and neighbours can help to support our work
  • By asking your church to consider making a special offering towards the work of the Leavers Coulson Trust
  • By considering leaving a gift within your will to the Leavers Coulson Trust

All of the Trust’s general donations are used to provide grants. A separate funding stream covers our admin costs. We are a small charity, with no paid staff, which means that all general donations can be used for grants.

Do please encourage youth leaders to apply when they are working with any disadvantaged children or young people. Our application process is simple and straightforward.